welcome to General Montaggi Genovesi

In 1971 G.M.G. grew of the long-standing experience and reliability of La Saldoelettrica, from which it also inherited the shipbuilding activities, matured in over twenty years, both in Italy and abroad.
In those years G.M.G. cooperates with other companies which guarantee an effextual presence in the various structural steel sectors, large diameter pipelines, civil engineering andy prefabricates building, in the sector of piping and insulation for naval, industrial and petrochemical applications, in industrial supply sectors, finally in those related to welding and industrial assemblage.
Because of this great versatility, G.M.G. can partake in the most complex industrial and civil engineering activities, as dictated by the economic reality, both in Italy and abroad, necessitated by the technological evolution.

Until that moment G.M.G. had taken care above all about industrial field, but with the aim to keep up a tradition of La Saldoelettrica, since the half of the seventies G.M.G. operates ship construction, repair and conversion in the port of Genoa, Italy. The resources and expertise of G.M.G. shipyard are ideally suited to provide both our ship owners and industrial customers with cost-effective vessel repair, dry-docking and conversion services. Our commercial experience includes passengers vessels, tanker and cargo ships, tugs, barges, offshore supply vessel and yachts metal and aluminium construction.

Our goal can only be attained through the concerted efforts of G.M.G.'s own resources, in close cooperation with our customers. Thanks to our staff, technology, processes and other resources, we strive to partner with our clients and contribute value adding solutions by providing relevant, cutting-edge expertise and streamlined project execution. G.M.G's solid reputation is due to our aim to deliver works with best-in-class quality, performance, environmental features and safety.